Summer session subject evaluation results are now available.  

What you need to know

The Academic Policy and Regulations Team (APART), in consultation with the Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) and the Registrar’s Office, has determined that subject evaluations for academic year 2020-21 will take place on a normal schedule, but with a modified version of the typical evaluation form.

Each report will contain a “context statement” regarding the pandemic-related disruption, and instructors will have the opportunity to add an additional statement detailing any specific impacts on the content and format of their subject.

Some key points to remember:

  • TAs and other non-primary instructors are being evaluated this year.
  • Student participation is voluntary; departments select which subjects and instructors will be evaluated.
  • Visit our subject evaluation page to evaluate your classes.

Subject evaluation form

The modified subject evaluation form for academic year 2020-21 contains the following sets of questions:

Instructor Questions Three questions on the quality of teaching using a standard 7-point Likert scale followed by an opportunity for open-ended comments on teaching.

Subject Questions — Seven questions on the overall learning experience using a standard 7-point Likert scale followed by an opportunity for open-comments comments on the subject.

(New) Aspects of Learning — Likert-based and open-ended questions that allow students to report on aspects of the class introduced to accommodate remote learning under the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

(Optional) Additional Questions — Likert-based and open-ended questions provided to Instructors to include at their discretion, focused on the overall remote subject experience and sense of community.

Context statements

Each report will contain the following statement:

"Due to pandemic-related disruptions in academic year 2020-21, many instructors have had to modify the scope and content of the subject, the means of delivery, the grading and assessment scheme, and other aspects of their subjects. In future versions of the subject many of these modifications may or may not be retained. These evaluation data specifically reflect feedback on a version taught during a disrupted term.”

In addition, Instructors will have the option of adding an additional statement to express how the pandemic may have impacted the content and format of their subject in particular. Those who wish to include such a statement should contact their department’s Subject Evaluation Coordinator.