What you need to know

Planning for an upcoming term typically begins one to two terms prior, with work spanning multiple terms. All of the processes — from maintaining subject listings to scheduling classrooms — are managed in a suite of Registrar applications.

What you need to do

  • Use our Subject Term Planning application to prepare subjects for registration — update years and terms offered, modify the term duration for partial-term subjects, and specify the instructor name and course URL to appear in the Subject Listing & Schedule.
  • Provide the preferred date, time, and location for each subject using Subject Classroom Planning.
  • Upon completion of the term schedule, you can meet with the Schedules Office to review your department’s proposed schedule.
  • Request a final exam using Final Exam Planning. The deadline is roughly at the halfway point of the prior term and submitting requests by the deadline ensures that the final exam notation appears your students’ schedules.

Key dates & deadlines

Fall planning

Friday, March 9

Subject Classroom Planning data entry closes.

Week of March 26

Fall schedule review meetings

Tuesday, May 1

Pre-registration opens at 9 AM.

Tuesday, August 23

Pre-registration closes at 5 PM.

Friday, August 24

Deadline to submit the Final Exam Request form.

Monday, August 27

Registration opens for all students.

Friday, August 31

Sections are assigned to all students.

Tuesday, September 4

Registration Day

Wednesday, September 5

First day of classes

Wednesday, September 19

Final exam schedule is posted at 2 PM.

Monday, November 26

Final exam conflict schedule announced and posted at 5 PM.

IAP planning

Week of August 1

Subject Classroom Planning data entry opens.

Friday, September 14

Subject Classroom Planning data entry closes.

Wednesday, September 20

IAP CSB website available for viewing.

Week of September 24

IAP schedule review meetings

Spring planning

Monday, August 6

Subject Classroom Planning data entry opens.

Friday, October 5

Subject Classroom Planning data entry closes.

Week of October 22

Spring schedule review meetings

Monday, December 3

Pre-registration opens at 9 AM