Proposal overview

The Committee on the Undergraduate Program (CUP) is proposing a change to MIT’s grading policies with the goals of encouraging exploration and discovery throughout a student’s career and creating a safety net to help alleviate academic stress. If approved by the Faculty, this grading option would be implemented starting with first-year students entering in the fall of 2020.

This Flexible Pass/No Record (Flex P/NR) proposal retains most of the existing first-year P/NR policy’s goals and many of the desirable features of the current CUP grading experiment. Under the Flex P/NR proposal, first-year grading remains P/NR in the fall and ABC/NR in the spring. Beginning in their second term, students would be allowed to convert up to 48 units to P/NR after receiving their final grade. They can use this option for any subject at any point during their undergraduate study.

On February 19, 2020, the CUP voted on, and approved, an initial proposal to bring to the Faculty. The proposal was discussed during the March 2020 Faculty meeting and the Committee is considering other ways of engaging in community discussion this spring. The Committee is considering putting forward a motion to change the Regulations of the Faculty this spring. If the changes are approved, the CUP will review implications and consequences of the policy during the first five years and report to the Faculty with a recommendation to reaffirm, amend, or rescind the policy.

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