What you need to know

Registering for classes at MIT is a two-step process, comprised of pre-registration and registration. During pre-registration, you will plan for the upcoming term by making preliminary subject selections. When registration opens, you will meet with your advisor to finalize your academic plans for the term. During this process, student schedules are generated to help you change sections, if necessary, and avoid conflicts.

Some key points to remember:

  • Register using our Online Registration System.
  • Resolve registration holds by contacting the office that has placed a hold. MIT may withhold your registration for the term if you have outstanding obligations.
  • Continuing students — pre-register online before you meet with your advisor or registration officer. Pre-register for the summer session and fall term in May, and for IAP and the spring term in December.

What you need to do

  • Review key registration dates, deadlines, and late fees on the Academic Calendar.
  • Review the Subject Listing & Schedule for the upcoming term and pre-register using WebSIS. 
    Pre-register in WebSIS.
  • Clear any registration holds connected to outstanding obligations from prior terms.
  • Meet with your advisor or departmental registration officer on or before Registration Day to discuss subject selections for the upcoming term.
  • Complete the online registration after your advisor or registration officer approves your subject selections.
    Register for classes.
  • Review your “Status of Registration Report,” found under “Academic Records” on WebSIS, to confirm that it correctly reflects your subject registration.
    Review your registration.