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Prof. Jay Scheib, Music and Theater Arts Music and Theater Arts d'Arbeloff Fund
Dr. Prerna Bhargava, Biological Engineering Biological Engineering Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Laurent Demanet, Mathematics; Prof. David Darmofal, Aeronautics & Astronautics Mathematics Common Ground d'Arbeloff Fund
Dr. Marcelo Coehlo, Architecture Architecture Alumni Class Funds
Jane Abbott, Comparative Media Studies/Writing Comparative Media Studies/Writing Alumni Class Funds
Dr. Lori Breslow, Sloan School of Management; Dr. Rea Lavi, New Engineering Education Transformation School of Engineering NEET d'Arbeloff Fund
Prof. Stephen Bell, Biology; Dr. Summer Morrill, Biology; Dr. Mary Ellen Wiltrout, Biology; Dr. Darcy Gordon, Biology; Dr. Monika Avello, Biology Biology d'Arbeloff Fund
Dr. Peter Dourmashkin, Physics; Dr. Michelle Tomasik, Physics; Dr. Analia Barrentes, Experimental Study Group Physics d'Arbeloff Fund
Dr. Frederick Harris, Jr., Music and Theater Arts; Susan Wilson, Center for Art, Science, and Technology; Josh Higgason, Music and Theater Arts; Laura Grill Jaye, Music and Theater Arts Center for Art, Science, and Technology; Music and Theater Arts Alumni Class Funds
Prof. J. Kim Vandiver, Mechanical Engineering, Edgerton Center; Dr. Jim Bales, Edgerton Center Edgerton Center Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Diana Henderson, Literature; Prof. Arthur Bahr, Literature; Prof. Mary Fuller, Literature; Dr. Wyn Kelley, Literature Literature d'Arbeloff Fund
Dr. Justin Buck, Biological Engineering Biological Engineering Alumni Class Funds
Dayna Cunningham, Community Innovators Lab, Urban Studies and Planning; Dr. Katrin Kaeufer, Community Innovators Lab, Urban Studies and Planning Urban Studies and Planning Community Innovators Lab Alumni Class Funds
Christina Chase, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and MIT Sports Lab; Prof. Annette Hosoi, Mechanical Engineering; Dr. Andreas Karatsolis, Comparative Media Studies/Writing; Ferran Vidal-Codina, Aeronautics & Astronautics MIT Sports Lab d'Arbeloff Fund
Prof. Susan Silbey, Anthropology Sloan School of Management, Anthropology d'Arbeloff Fund
Prof. Leigh Royden, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences and Experimental Study Group; Dr. Paola Rubesco, Experimental Study Group; Dr. Analia Barrentes, Experimental Study Group; Dr. Ana Bell, Experimental Study Group Experimental Study Group Common Ground d'Arbeloff Fund
Dr. Dagmar Jaeger, Global Languages Global Languages Alumni Class Funds
Shannon Johnson, Media Arts and Sciences; Prof. Ed Boyden, Media Arts and Sciences Media Arts and Sciences Alumni Class Funds
Cristina Parreño Alonso, Architecture Architecture d'Arbeloff Fund
Prof. Emery Brown, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Brain and Cognitive Sciences d'Arbeloff Fund
Prof. Arthur Bahr, Literature Literature Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Daniel D. Frey, Mechanical Engineering; Dr. Ali Talebinejad, Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alumni Class Funds
Dr. John Liu, Mechanical Engineering; Prof. John Hard, Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering d'Arbeloff Fund
Prof. Matthew Shoulders, Chemistry; Dr. Patricia Christie, Experimental Study Group; Dr. Nicholas Boekelheide, Experimental Study Group; Dr. Alisa Krishtal, Chemistry Chemistry Alumni Class Funds
Dr. Hee-Jeong Jeong, Global Studies & Languages Global Studies and Languages Alumni Class Funds