What you need to know

Proposals for new or revised HASS subjects are first reviewed by the Subcommittee on the HASS Requirement (SHR) and then by the Committee on Curricula (CoC), which grants final approval. Subjects with CI designation are additionally reviewed by the Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR).

HASS Exploration (HEX) subjects are team-taught classes that explore a major concept or topic from multiple viewpoints found across or within HASS disciplines. They give you the opportunity to take part in team-teaching, become familiar with the pedagogical strategies of colleagues, share or develop new research and curricular ideas, and reach a wide variety of students. HEX subjects are open to all undergraduates. Enrollment should not exceed 25 students per faculty or senior lecturer.

Some key points to remember:

  • Departments or HASS teaching units, both within and outside of SHASS, may propose new subjects.
  • Instructors may submit proposals collaboratively with the approval of their department.
  • HASS Elective status may be the best option for truly interdisciplinary subjects.
  • Typically, proposals are reviewed in the year before a subject is offered.
  • New or substantially changed HASS subjects must be vetted by the department head or committee prior to their review by SHR.

What you need to do

  • In the Subject Proposal Management application, select the HASS category for your subject, upload a syllabus, and if appropriate, complete the rationale and HEX sections of the form.
  • The deadline for submitting all subject proposals is set by the CoC. It is typically the first or second Friday in December.
  • Email hassreq@mit.edu with questions.