What you need to know

Changes to your registration — including subject registration status, adding or dropping a subject, or changing units — are made using the Add/Drop Application. Your instructor and/or advisor can approve or deny your request, or request a consultation with you to discuss the change. Be sure to check the Academic Calendar for deadlines each term. Changes after the Add/Drop deadline must be made by petition.

Some key points to remember:

  • You are responsible for final submission of all approved changes.
  • Undergraduates — all changes require the approval of your advisor.
  • Graduate students — all changes require the approval of your departmental registration officer.
  • You need instructor approval to add a subject after the first week of the term or to change the number of units for a thesis or a units-arranged subject.
  • Dropped subjects never appear on your transcript (external record). Subjects dropped by Add Date do not appear on your internal grade report. Subjects dropped after Add Date will appear on your internal grade report with the notation DR.
  • We strongly recommend submitting your Add/Drop changes well ahead of the deadlines so that your approver has time to review and enter a decision.
  • Special deadlines apply to Sophomore Exploratory subjects.

What you need to do

  • Use our Add/Drop Application to file your change request.
  • An email notification will be sent to your advisor and/or instructor, as appropriate. He or she will approve or deny your request and may wish to discuss the change with you before doing so.
  • After your advisor and/or instructor has approved your request, return to the Add/Drop Application to submit the change(s).
  • Your final submission must be made by 11:59 PM on Add or Drop Date.
  • After the Add and Drop deadlines, all change requests must be made through petition, which may incur up to a $50 late fee, if approved.

Key deadlines: Fall 2020

Add a subject


Add a full-term subject

October 2

Add a half-term subject (H1)

September 11

Add a half-term subject (H2)

October 30

Add a subject that begins after Add Date (UROP for credit, thesis, special subjects)

November 18

Drop a subject


Drop a full-term subject

November 18

Drop a half-term subject (H1)

October 2

Drop a half-term subject (H2)

November 30

Drop a subject that begins after Add Date (UROP for credit, thesis, special subjects)

November 18

Change status in a registered subject


Change from listener to credit

same as adding the subject

Change from credit to listener

same as dropping the subject

Change to and from P/NR grading under the experimental grading policy same as adding the subject

Change number of units for thesis or units-arranged subject

December 9 (Last day of classes)