What you need to know

The Registrar’s Office works to upgrade MIT’s teaching and learning spaces, taking into account changes in pedagogy, advances in technology, and the expectations and needs of both students and faculty across the Institute.

Our inventory currently includes 158 classrooms totaling over 160,000 square feet of academic space on campus. We oversee the renovation and planning for these spaces, working closely with faculty, Audio Visual Services/Information Systems & Technology, and the Department of Facilities to modernize classrooms and enhance faculty and student interaction through technology-enacted, active learning environments. In doing so, we support academic programs and provide essential spaces for classes, as well as events and activities sponsored by the MIT community.

Recent projects have ranged from large lecture halls to small classrooms and seminar rooms. Many classrooms have been equipped with energy-efficient lighting and motorized window shades, new HVAC systems, sliding chalkboards, and laser video projectors. Other improvements include: lecture capture technology, electrical service at each student seat, robust wireless signals, and classroom tables on wheels for quick reconfiguration of spaces.

In recent years, the Registrar’s Office, in collaboration with Institutional Research, prepared and administered classroom surveys to lecturing faculty. View summaries of survey results from 2019 and 2023.