What you need to know

When registration opens, meet with your advisor to finalize your academic plans for the term. Your registration is populated with your pre-registration selections, but it is not complete until your advisor or registration officer has given approval and you have submitted your selections online.

Some key points to remember:

  • Before you submit your registration, you must clear any registration holds connected to outstanding obligations from prior terms.
  • If you did not pre-register for a CI-H/HW subject, you will only be able to add yourself to waitlists for those subjects during registration.
  • Undergraduates — if you are registered for fewer than 36 units, you are considered to be less than full-time. Learn how registration load can affect you.
  • You must acknowledge terms and conditions before submitting your registration.
  • Registrations submitted after the first week of the term are subject to a $50 late fee, and failure to complete your registration by the end of the second week will result in the loss of student status.
  • A petition ($100 late fee) is required to complete registration after the final deadline.

What you need to do

Follow these basic steps when you register for classes at MIT:

  • Review registration dates and deadlines below and on the Academic Calendar
  • Meet with your advisor or departmental registration officer to discuss your subject selections for the term.
  • Review cross-registration procedures to take classes at Harvard, Wellesley, or Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
  • Once your advisor or registration officer has approved your subject selections, complete your registration online.
  • View your official subject registration on WebSIS beginning on the first day of classes and reference the Understanding your Schedule page to learn about choosing or switching sections.

Go to WebSIS.

  • Changes to your registration are made using our Add/Drop application. Be sure to check these on WebSIS to confirm accuracy.
  • You are responsible for reviewing your registration carefully. Contact us regarding any discrepancies.

Key dates & deadlines

Student schedules generated Thursday, January 25  
Registration opens Monday, January 29 9 AM
Registration Week

Monday, January 29-

Friday, February 2

First day of classes Monday, February 5  
Official subject registration available Monday, February 5  
Registration deadline ($50 fee) Friday, February 9 11:59 PM
Petition required to complete registration ($100 fee) Friday, March 8 11:59 PM