What you need to know

The Student Biographic Record is your official record at MIT. It contains important demographic data such your legal and preferred names, birthdate, legal sex, citizenship status, gender identity or identities, and pronouns. Your student record is used by select offices at MIT for legal, regulatory, and identification purposes, and it is your responsibility to keep your information up to date in WebSIS.

Only currently enrolled students can update their biographic information. Once you graduate, your record is frozen and we cannot make changes except in very limited circumstances, such as a gender change.

Some key points to remember:

  • Citizenship/Immigration Status, legal name, and legal sex cannot be updated in WebSIS. 
  • For changes to your legal or preferred names, please review the instructions on our Name changes page.
  • To change your legal sex, email a Legal Sex Marker Change Form to records@mit.edu.

What you need to do

  • Log in to WebSIS to review and update your information.
  • Click “For Students” followed by “Biographic and Emergency Records” and “Name(s), Last School Attended, Birthdate, SSN, Citizenship.”
  • Update your desired fields.
  • Click “Submit.”