Name changes can be completed remotely. Send a completed Change of Legal Name Form, along with a digital copy of legal documentation of your old and new names, to

What you need to know

If your legal name changes while you are a student at MIT, you will need to update your student record. Requests should be made in person. You must supply us with legal documentation of your old and new names, such as a certified copy of a court order, a marriage certificate, or a dissolution decree.

Some key points to remember:

  • Once you graduate, your record is frozen and we cannot make name changes except in very limited circumstances, such as a gender change.
  • Any currently enrolled student can update their administrative (or preferred) first name in the “Biographic Information” section on WebSIS.

What you need to do

  • Visit Room 5-117 to complete a Change of Legal Name Form or to change the binary gender marker on your official academic record.
  • Changes populate overnight to systems across MIT.
  • The next day, visit the MIT Card Office to request a new ID.