What you need to know

You may request transfer credit for subjects taken before you arrived at MIT or while you were already enrolled as an MIT student. Each department has its own transfer credit examiner who can advise you on procedures and appropriateness.

Transfer credit will appear on your academic record with a grade of S. Although the grade is not used in calculating your term or cumulative GPA, the credit counts towards your Institute requirements. If there is no equivalent subject at MIT, the examiner may award elective credit.

Graduate students — your major department determines to what extent subjects are acceptable for credit toward the requirements of your advanced degree. Credit is considered with all other academic information in reviewing your application and in formulating your degree program.

Some key points to remember:

  • You cannot receive transfer credit for subjects used to fulfill a degree at another institution.
  • Transfer credit requests must include an official transcript showing work and final grade.
  • If the transcript is in a language other than English, you must provide a translation from a licensed translator.
  • Additional approval, beyond that of the transfer credit examiner, is required for HASS and CI transfer credit. See below.
  • Transfer credit requests for advanced degrees at MIT are considered special cases and are rarely approved.

What you need to do

  • Incoming first-year undergraduates and transfer students — review information about AP and transfer credit on the Office of the First Year website.
  • Consult the appropriate transfer credit examiner before registering for a class at another college to ensure that it is suitable for transfer credit and if a minimum grade is required.
  • Arrange for an official transcript, showing the coursework and your final grade, to be sent by email to records@mit.edu.
  • Request a copy of this transcript from the Registrar's Office to show to the MIT transfer credit examiner.
  • Bring your completed Transfer Credit Request Form to the MIT transfer credit examiner for approval, and submit your approved form to records@mit.edu.

What you need to do — HASS transfer credit

Generally, subjects taken outside of MIT are only eligible for HASS elective credit with the HASS transfer credit examiner’s approval.

  • Contact the HASS transfer credit examiner for the HASS field in which you are seeking credit and obtain his or her approval on the Transfer Credit Request Form.
  • If the Examiner has awarded credit with a specific MIT subject number, HASS Distribution credit, or has recommended general HASS Elective credit, email hassreq@mit.edu for a final signature.
  • Submit your approved form to records@mit.edu
  • Transfer students — submit your completed form to Room 7-104.

What you need to do Communication Requirement transfer credit

  • Contact the transfer credit examiner for the academic department that teaches material similar to the course you took elsewhere and obtain the examiner's signature of approval on the Transfer Credit Request Form.
  • Email the Assistant Dean for the Communication and HASS Requirements at commreq@mit.edu.
  • We will help you prepare a petition to the Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR).
  • Transfer credit for Communication Requirement subjects must be approved by SOCR.