Review the Spring 2021 Emergency Academic Regulations and Recommendations (EARs) from the Academic Policy and Regulations Team (APART).

What you need to know

All final exams must be scheduled through the Schedules Office. Prior to each term, we verify needs with department administrators and faculty in each department, including how long the final exam will be and preferred location. Faculty should keep in mind that many exams are held in athletic facilities to accommodate large numbers of students.

Department coordinators submit requests through our Final Exam Planning application. Using an algorithm, we optimize the final exam schedule to minimize direct conflicts for students, to reduce the need for students to take more than one exam per day, and to be as equitable as possible for Faculty.

Key dates & deadlines

Friday, November 13 Spring final exam requests open
Tuesday, February 16 Spring final exam requests close
Friday, May 14 Last test date
Thursday, May 20 Last day of classes
Monday, May 24 - Thursday, May 27 Final exam week

What you need to do

  • Share the Registrar’s letter regarding final exams with your faculty.
  • Collect the necessary final exam information for each of your subjects.
  • Go to Final Exam Planning and select the semester and your department from the two dropdown menus. Your subject list will display below.
  • Select each subject and indicate whether or not a final exam will be offered.
  • For subjects with a final exam, note the length, desired location, preference for a conflict exam, and click “Submit.”
  • A notification of successful submission will display at the top of your screen. You will not receive an email confirmation.
  • To make a change to a final exam submission, simply submit a new request prior to the deadline.