What you need to know

Committee on Curricula (CoC) includes six elected faculty members and four undergraduate students. Also serving in a non-voting capacity are the Vice Chancellor, a designee of the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar, and the Chair of the Committee on the Undergraduate Program. The Registrar's Office provides administrative support. For more information about the CoC, email curricula@mit.edu.

2023-2024 Committee on Curricula

Chris Kaiser, CoC Chair, Biology
Pam Walcott, Executive Officer and Associate Registrar



Sana Aiyar History 
Rohit Karnik Mechanical Engineering (on leave spring 2024)
Yen-Jie Lee Physics (spring 2024)
Robert C. Miller Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Phiala E. Shanahan Physics
Nikolaos Trichakis Management



Audrey Cui ’24 Computation and Cognition
Geoffrey Enwere ’26 Biological Engineering
Blisse X. Kong ’24 Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Favour Oladimeji ’24 Biological Engineering 

Ex officio


Bill Minicozzi

Chair of the Committee on the Undergraduate Program

Brian Canavan


William Detmold

Designated Representative, Vice Chancellor

Alexandra H. Techet Designated Representative, Vice Chancellor



Martha Janus Administrative Assistant
Alison Trachy Assistant Registrar