What you need to know

Committee on Curricula (CoC) includes six elected faculty members and four undergraduate students. Also serving in a non-voting capacity are the Vice Chancellor, a designee of the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar, and the Chair of the Committee on the Undergraduate Program. The Registrar's Office provides administrative support. For more information about the CoC, email curricula@mit.edu.

2018-2019 Committee on Curricula

David Vogan, CoC Chair, Mathematics
Pam Walcott, Executive Officer and Associate Registrar



Vivek Farias


Janelle Knox-Hayes

Urban Studies and Planning

Clapperton Mavhunga Science, Technology, and Society

Donca Steriade

Linguistics and Philosophy

Jesse Thaler

Physics (on leave 2018-19)

Jacob White

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science



Avital Baral

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science '20

Emma Bingham

Physics '19

Sarah Curtis

Chemical Engineering '19


Undergraduate Representative

Ex officio


Duane Boning

Chair of the Committee on the Undergraduate Program

Mary Callahan


Jeff Gore

Designated Representative, Vice Chancellor

Anne White

Designated Representative, Vice Chancellor



Jennifer Donath

Assistant Registrar

Martha Janus

Administrative Assistant