What you need to know

Rules for conducting classes are summarized in Term Regulations and Examination Policies, part of Rules & Regulations of the Faculty. Asking students to vote on some deviation from the rules is not permissible. Students can report a violation of term regulations to the UA Committee on Education.

Some key points to remember:

  • When planning for the beginning of term, keep in mind the rules about academic honesty, prerequisite subjects, grading, class times and assignments, and tests and academic exercises conducted outside of scheduled class times.
  • Planning for the end of term includes rules about testing, assignments for subjects with and without final exams, exercises after the last scheduled class, final exams, and excused absences from final exams.
  • Section 2.50 of Rules and Regulations of the Faculty covers assignments and examinations.

Contact exam-termregs@mit.edu for more information, clarification, or requests for exceptions to these Regulations.