What you need to know

Class lists, based on pre-registration and registration, are available on WebSIS for instructors and department administrators. You can view or print your list, send an email to some or all of the students in your class, download the data for use in a spreadsheet, and view students’ photos.

Class lists based on registration include students registered for academic credit and as listeners. They also indicate those who have added or dropped the subject. Instructional staff are responsible for managing enrollment within the individual sections (lectures, recitations, labs, etc.) of their subjects.

Some key points to remember:

  • Your department administrator must grant you access to your class lists.
  • Class membership lists in Stellar are synchronized with WebSIS every 15 minutes.

What you need to do

  • Department administrators — go to WebSIS, select “MIT Instructor Assignment,” and assign the instructors of record to your subjects.
  • Instructors — after your department administrator has assigned you to the subject, go to WebSIS and click on the “Class Lists” link.

Access and use of class lists

  • Academic administrators who are responsible for enrollment information automatically have access to class lists and related records for subjects offered by their department.

  • Information from class lists may be shared with other members of the instructional staff, including TAs and administrators assigned to the subject.
  • Students’ personal information may not be used for other purposes or shared with other parties.
  • Before posting student information to any website, please review MIT Policies and Procedures Section 11.3: Privacy of Student Records.