You must abide by our equipment policies when using a Registrar’s Office classroom.


  • Contact Audio Visual Services to use the classroom’s sound system.
  • Submit a plan for approval to the Schedules Office at if you will be recording the program or using sound equipment including, but not limited to, main speaker arrays, monitor speakers, mixing consoles, and/or snakes for connecting the system.
  • If you intend to use a mixing console in the seating area, you must protect the seats with quilted material, moving pads, or similar.
  • You may not hang microphones from pipes or ceiling fixtures, and you may not secure microphone stands by attaching cables to adjacent chairs.
  • Secure all cables using nonstick gaffer’s tape to ensure safety of participants and to avoid damaging surfaces or leaving residue.


  • Only the classroom lighting is allowed. You may not use additional lighting, including trees, spotlights, hanging lights, or similar.
  • If your program requires a lighting scheme, please contact the Campus Activities Complex (CAC) for a more appropriate venue.


  • Staging (e.g. platforms, risers, flats) and hanging materials are not allowed.
  • You may use easels or a freestanding poster system to display information inside the room or at the entrance.