What you need to know

Graduate students may register for a total of no more than one subject per term in which they choose to receive P/D/F grading instead of standard letter grades. P (passing) indicates a C- or better.

Departments may disallow P/D/F grading in any of their graduate degree programs. Instructors may also disallow graduate P/D/F grading in the subjects they teach. This information can normally be found in the class syllabus.

Some key points to remember:

  • You cannot use subjects designated as P/D/F to fulfill degree requirements, including the required units for any degree program.
  • You will not receive graduate-level credit for a subject designated as P/D/F.
  • P grades are not used in calculating your term and cumulative GPAs, but D and F grades are.
  • Registering for a subject specifically designated as P/D/F in the MIT Bulletin and Subject Listing & Schedule does not count toward your one subject per term Graduate P/D/F option.

What you need to do

  • Designate a subject as P/D/F during registration.
  • After registration, request P/D/F changes through our Add/Drop application.
  • An email notification will be sent to your advisor. He or she must approve your request.
  • After your advisor has approved your request, return to the Add/Drop application to submit the change.
  • After Add Date, submit change requests by petition. Petitions require the approval of both your department and the Office of Graduate Education (OGE).