What you need to know

Full-time sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students at MIT are eligible to cross-register for academic subjects offered at the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences or one of Harvard's professional schools. You must abide by the rules of both MIT and Harvard.

Some key points to remember:

  • You must complete your cross-registration by MIT’s Add Date.
  • First-year undergraduate students, including those who declare early sophomore standing, are not eligible to cross-register at Harvard.
  • Undergraduates may not cross-register at the Harvard Business School, Harvard Extension School, or Harvard Summer School.
  • You cannot take classes as a listener at Harvard.

What you need to do

  • Review the Harvard Course Catalog and choose your subject(s).
  • Make note of key dates, by school, on the Harvard Academic Calendar. Remember that you must meet the earlier of MIT’s or Harvard’s cross-registration and add/drop/change deadlines.
  • Once you submit your MIT registration, go to the Add/Drop Application.
  • In the “add subjects section,” enter a search term or Harvard subject number, make your selection, complete the form, and click “Submit for Approval.”
  • Two approvals are required at Harvard: the first by the Harvard instructor and the second by Harvard's registrar's office.
  • After Harvard approves your registration, your MIT advisor can approve it within the MIT Add/Drop application.
  • Once these three approvals are in place, return to the Add/Drop application to make your final submission.
  • Go to WebSIS to confirm that your Harvard subject(s) appear on your registration.