The half-term (H3) subject evaluation window is now closed.

What you need to know

MIT's online subject evaluation system is an important tool for teaching and learning at the Institute. Your feedback helps instructors modify and improve their approach, pedagogy, and content of the subject for the future; departments assess faculty for promotion and tenure, gather data for accreditation, and make curricular changes; and other students make informed choices when selecting classes.

Subject evaluation is an Institute-wide initiative, administered by Curriculum & Faculty Support in the Registrar's Office, with oversight by the Office of the Vice Chancellor.  

There are several evaluation periods each term, including two for sub-term subjects. Periods are aligned with the Academic Calendar and end before finals to ensure that responses are not influenced by final exams or grades. Your responses are reported anonymously and only made available after final grades are posted.

Some key points to remember:

  • You must be registered for credit or as a listener and have a Kerberos ID to participate.
  • Departments determine which subjects and instructors will be evaluated.
  • You will receive an email when an evaluation period for one of your subjects opens, along with periodic reminders.
  • Download the Subject Evaluation User Guide for assistance filling out your evaluations.

What you need to do

  • Review our tips for giving constructive feedback.
  • Click “Evaluate your classes."
  • You will see a list of subjects that you can evaluate. If you do not see your class listed, please check with your professor or department administrator.
  • Select a subject number and follow the instructions on each page. All questions are voluntary.
  • When you are finished, click “Save and Exit.” Your entries will be saved and can be edited at any point during the evaluation period.
  • You may delete your responses by clicking the “Clear” button on each page of the survey.
  • For technical issues and other questions, email

Cross-registered students

If you are a cross-registered student having trouble accessing your subject evaluations, it is likely you do not have the proper credentials. You must have a valid MIT Kerberos ID in order to participate, and we encourage you to obtain one well in advance of the evaluation period.

  1. Retrieve your MIT ID number: Your 9-digit ID number is printed on your MIT ID card. If you do not have one, contact the Registrar's Office at (617) 258-6409 or email to request your ID number.
  2. Get a Kerberos ID: With your ID number, register for a MIT Kerberos account. You will be able to evaluate your subjects the day after registering for your Kerberos account.

Key dates: Academic Year 2019–2020

Monday, August 12, 9 AM – Monday, August 19, 9 AM

Summer evaluation period

Tuesday, August 27

Summer evaluation results available

Thursday, October 3, 9 AM – Thursday, October 10,

9 AM

Fall half-term (H1) evaluation period

Monday, November 4, 9 AM – Friday, November 15,

5 PM

Fall 2/3-term evaluation period

Monday, December 2, 9 AM – Monday, December 16,

9 AM

Fall end-of-term evaluation period
Friday, January 3 Fall evaluation results available
Monday, January 27, 9 AM – Friday, January 31, 5 PM IAP evaluation period
Thursday, February 6 IAP evaluation results available
Friday, March 6, 9 AM – Monday, March 16, 9 AM Spring half-term (H3) evaluation period
Monday, March 30, 9 AM – Friday, April 10, 5 PM Spring 2/3-term evaluation period
Friday, May 1, 9 AM – Friday, May 15, 9 AM Spring end-of-term evaluation period
Tuesday, May 26 Spring evaluation results available