What you need to know

Department administrators use a suite of Registrar applications to plan and manage their curriculum, schedule, and subject offerings. Planning for an upcoming term typically begins one to two terms prior, with work spanning multiple terms. Upon completion of the term schedule, you can meet with the Schedules Office to review your department’s proposed schedule.

Applications and their functions

  • Subject Proposal Management — to propose new and revised subjects.
  • Program Management — to propose, revise, or discontinue majors, minors, and graduate programs.
  • Subject Term Planning — to prepare subjects for registration (update years and terms offered, modify the term duration for partial-term subjects, and specify the instructor name and course URL to appear in the Subject Listing & Schedule).
  • Subject Classroom Planning — to request preferred date, time, and location for your classes.
  • Final Exam Planning — to request final exams. Submitting requests by the deadline ensures that the final exam notation appears in your students' schedules.

Planning timeline


  • Fall final exam data entry opens.
  • IAP and spring classroom data entry opens.
  • WTW opens for summer term evaluations.


  • First-year students register.
  • Fall student schedules are created.
  • Fall final exam data entry closes.


  • Fall registration opens and the fall term begins.
  • Fall final exam schedule is posted.
  • IAP/spring/summer subject proposals due in Subject Proposal Management.
  • Changes to graduate degree programs due in Program Management.
  • IAP data entry ends and schedule is posted.
  • WTW opens for fall term evaluations.


  • H1 final exam week
  • Spring schedule is displayed in UniTime.


  • New catalog cycle initiated in Subject Proposal Management.
  • Fall Drop Date
  • Conflict exam schedule released.
  • Summer classroom data entry opens.


  • Program changes due in Program Management.
  • HASS & CI proposals due in Subject Proposal Management.
  • Pre-registration for IAP and spring opens.
  • The fall term ends with final exam week.


  • IAP begins.
  • WTW opens for IAP evaluations.
  • IAP and spring pre-registration deadlines
  • Spring student schedules are created.
  • Spring registration opens for all students.
  • IAP ends.


  • The spring term begins.
  • WTW opens for spring term evaluations.


  • Fall classroom data entry opens.
  • H3 final exam week
  • Subject proposals for next academic year due in Subject Proposal Management.


  • Spring Drop Date
  • Final review of catalog department pages begins.


  • Pre-registration for summer and fall opens.
  • Review of catalog subject pages begins.
  • The spring term ends with final exam week.
  • Summer pre-registration deadline
  • Commencement activities