What you need to know

Departments may choose to limit enrollment in some subjects for pedagogical reasons, such as to support a particular method of instruction, or for logistical reasons, like the size of a lab or workspace. Limited-enrollment subjects exist across the Institute and are indicated as such in the Subject Listing & Schedule.

CI-H/HW subjects are limited-enrollment by default. Learn more about managing CI-H/HW subjects.

Access to limited-enrollment subjects is managed by department administrators, who use the Enrollment Tools application to establish limited-enrollment and/or waitlist functionality for specific subjects. You determine which students should receive offers to register for your subject. When registration opens, waitlists become visible to students and advisors and you can begin making offers. Students’ years, majors, and the date they joined the waitlist are provided to help you decide. Pre-registration lists also include their class years and majors.

Some key points to remember:

  • You can manage limited-enrollment subjects through pre-registration class lists and through waitlists.
  • Removing students from a pre-registration list will prevent them from registering without your explicit approval. You can remove students entirely or move them to the waitlist if your department has established one.
  • Although the waitlists enable you to contact students by email, you must click the “Offer” button to formally offer them a spot in your class.

What you need to do — managing pre-registration class lists

  • Administrators — download our Enrollment Tools User Guide to learn how to set up limited-enrollment subjects.
  • Instructors — before pre-registration opens, let your department administrator know if your subject is limited-enrollment and if you would like to manage it through class lists, waitlists, or both.
  • To access your personalized Enrollment Tools, go to Class Lists on WebSIS and click the “Manage” button.
  • Flag one or more students and click “Remove from Pre-Reg.”
  • Enter your reason for removal and click “Submit.” An email will be sent to the students and their advisors.
  • You may also choose to move students to your subject’s waitlist by clicking the “Move to Waitlist” button.

What you need to do — managing limited-enrollment waitlists

  • After registration opens, go to Waitlists on WebSIS.
  • Click the “Offer” button to formally invite students to register for your class.
  • We recommend giving students 24 hours to act on your offer. After that time, you may rescind the offer if you do not receive a response.
  • Email waitlisted students if, for example, you would like them to attend the first class in order to be considered for admittance.
  • Click the “Close Waitlist” button when you no longer want to admit students to your class. The waitlist will automatically close after Add Date.