What you need to know

Whether your deployment is planned, or you are a National Guard member or Reservist called to duty on a moment’s notice, communication is key to ensure that your leave and return to your academic endeavors is as smooth as possible.

Some key points to remember:

  • Deployment and reintegration can be more complicated for some than others, depending on the mission and your personal circumstances.
  • SVS can help you coordinate within areas of concern like financial aid, taking a leave, housing, family support, and establishing an academic plan.
  • Families of deployed undergraduate and graduate students along with spouses and partners have access to MIT’s suite of resources like childcare, connection to other parents, and social and financial support. 

What you need to do — deployment

What you need to do  return

  • Law states that students whose education was interrupted by voluntary or involuntary military service have the right to re-enroll in their respective programs, most often without penalty.
  • Undergraduates – review policies and deadlines, reconnect with S3, complete the tasks on the “Return from Leave” checklist, and submit the LOA Return Request form.
  • Graduate students – reconnect with your department who will submit a readmission form to OGE.