What you need to do

You are responsible for understanding and fulfilling all graduation requirements and must complete the following steps prior to the degree meeting of the Graduate Academic Performance Group (GAP).

1. Submit your degree application.

Your advanced degree is recommended by your department and approved at the GAP degree meeting.

  • Go to WebSIS to submit your degree application for your advanced degree.
  • Indicate whether you plan to attend Commencement, or pick up your diploma in Room 5-117 beginning the Tuesday after Commencement, or have your diploma mailed to you. You will be allowed to attend Commencement only if you provide this information.
  • The name on your diploma must be your legal name, but you may choose whether or not to include your middle name. Include accent marks, if applicable. 
  • Limit advanced degree thesis titles to 18 words and try to write out technical terms rather than using special notations (subscripts, Greek letters, etc.).
  • Contact us with questions related to advanced degree graduation. 

Key deadlines

Late applications are subject to a fee. We recommend that you submit an application even if you are unsure you will finish. There is no fee for coming off a degree list.

2. Confirm and complete academic requirements.

All graduate students must complete the advanced degree requirements.

  • Review the degree requirements with your department to confirm that you will have successfully completed them in prior terms or during your final term.
  • If you have any outstanding transfer credit, you must file a Request for Additional Credit Form signed by the MIT transfer credit examiner, and have the other school send an official transcript, noting the class and final grade, to records@mit.edu or MIT Registrar’s Office, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 5-117, Cambridge, MA, 02139.

3. Clear degree holds.

Your degree may be held for unresolved financial obligations or conduct issues. Holds must be resolved before you can graduate.

  • Check WebSIS to confirm that there are no outstanding charges or past due balances on your student account.
  • Contact your student account counselor immediately if you have any pending departmental awards, unpaid sponsor billing, or outside scholarships.
  • If you have been involved in a conduct case, check with the Office of Student Conduct to ensure there are no outstanding sanctions that would prevent you from graduating.
  • If you have lived in an FSILG, you should check with the chapter’s treasurer to make sure that you have no unresolved obligations.

4. Complete loan exit counseling.

Graduating students who have borrowed through federal loan programs must complete online exit counseling. If you fail to do so, your degree may be withheld.