What you need to know

Classroom reservations that meet the following criteria must be registered — at least ten days prior — on Atlas:

  • More than 100 people are expected to attend or the event will be held in any combination of classrooms with a capacity of 100 or more.
  • 20% or more of attendees are not members of the MIT community.
  • The event is co-sponsored by a non-MIT partner.
  • Minors will be in attendance.
  • Alcohol will be served.
  • Money will be exchanged.

What you need to do

  • Review our timeline for making ad-hoc requests.
  • Reserve your space using Classrooms@MIT.
  • You will receive a confirmation by email if your request is approved. See also the “My Requests” tab of the Classrooms@MIT application.
  • Review the event registration criteria.
  • Register your event on Atlas, if necessary.