What you need to know

With the approval of your faculty advisor, undergraduates may take a reduced load of subjects (light load) for up to two semesters. If you exercise this option, you are charged per unit of registration, including those taken as a listener.

Some key points to remember:

  • If you withdraw early, your tuition will be prorated.
  • You are charged on a prorated basis for subjects dropped during the term.
  • Light load is not available to students who are, or were, in internship and cooperative programs.

What you need to do

  • Review information on registration load for possible consequences of taking fewer than 36 units.
  • If you plan to register for fewer than 32 units, submit a Tuition Adjustment-Light Load Form to be approved by your advisor.
  • If your form is submitted by the first week of July, light load tuition will appear on your first fall term bill, which goes out on August 10.
  • This form is optional for fourth-year students registering for thesis only, or those who are or will be on the degree list for the term. Tuition is adjusted automatically after Drop Date.

View proration tables.