What you need to know

If, in the course of your undergraduate study, you decide to change your major, there are a number of important things to keep in mind. You should consult with the undergraduate academic officer or administrator in the new department to determine what subjects from your current major could be used to satisfy requirements in the new one. We also encourage you to email us with questions about how changing your major would affect your GIR audit.

What you need to do

Once approved, changes within the same department (e.g., from Course 2 to 2A) and change requests submitted during the summer or before the eighth week of the fall and spring terms take effect immediately. If your change of major form is received after the eighth week, the change will be reflected in the next term.

Submit a Change of Major Form to:

  • Change a single major.
  • Change a double major to a single major.
  • Switch the primary and secondary courses in a previously approved double major.
  • Change a course in a previously approved double major to a course in the same department (e.g., from 7 to 7A).

Submit a Double Major Application to the Committee on Curricula (CoC) to:

  • Change from a single major to a double major.
  • Change one of the courses in a previously approved double major to a course in another department.