What you need to know

Committee on the Undergraduate Program (CUP) includes seven elected faculty members, the Associate Chair of the Faculty, four undergraduate student members, and, ex officio, the Chancellor (or designee), the Vice Chancellor, and one member designated by the Vice Chancellor. The Registrar's Office provides administrative support. For more information about the CUP, email cup-admin@mit.edu.

2023-2024 Committee on the Undergraduate Program

William Minicozzi, CUP Chair, Mathematics
Genevre Filiault, Executive Officer and Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Support



Adam Albright Linguistics & Philosophy
Laurie A. Boyer


Nemit Shroff  Sloan School of Management 
T. L. Taylor Comparative Media Studies / Writing
William Tisdale Chemical Engineering 
Lindley Winslow Physics 



Alex Brennan ’25

Undergraduate Representative
David Kwabi-Addo ’25 Undergraduate Representative
Arya Sasne ’25 Undergraduate Representative
Angela Zhao ’25 Undergraduate Representative

Ex officio


Elly Nedivi

Associate Chair of the Faculty

Ian A. Waitz

Vice Chancellor

Lizhong Zheng

Designated Representative, Chancellor

Susan S. Silbey

Designated Representative, Vice Chancellor 



Sarah Michaud

Registrar’s Office