What you need to know

By default, the MIT directory publicly displays the following biographical information about students: your name, course, email address, year, and MIT office address and phone number, if applicable.

In addition, and in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and MIT Policies and Procedures, we may also disclose your term address and phone number, permanent home address, degrees received, date of birth, and dates of attendance without your prior consent.

If you do not want MIT to disclose one or more of these pieces of information, you may opt out by submitting a Suppress Directory Information Request.

Some key points to remember:

  • Your request to suppress directory information remains in effect until you rescind it in writing, even after you leave MIT.
  • If you suppress your enrollment and degree information, you must provide consent before we can verify that information to potential employers, insurance companies, landlords, credit card companies, and others.
  • Suppressed information will still be used, as needed, by MIT employees and contractors.
  • Your information will also be disclosed if required by law, judicial order, or subpoena, including requests in connection with federal student loans and for international visa purposes.

What you need to do

  • Learn more about FERPA and how it pertains to your educational records and personal information.
  • Complete the Suppress Directory Information Request, indicating which information you wish to suppress.
  • Sign and date the form and submit to records@mit.edu.
  • To revoke a previous request to suppress your directory information, check the applicable box on the form.
  • Members of the Graduate Student Union should additionally review their FERPA release in Atlas to choose what information is sent to GSU-UE.