What you need to know

Your class schedule grid is a static and temporary display of the subjects you pre-registered for, including results of the Sloan bidding system and the CI-H/HW enrollment process. It is only available for the fall and spring terms, and is designed to show how your schedule will fit together — including which subjects and sections you are placed into — and help you make informed decisions about your final registration.

Our scheduling algorithm optimizes all subject requests with minimal conflicts. While the algorithm does take free time into account when building your schedule, subjects will take precedence. When a subject has enrollment limitations, the instructor may prioritize students by course or year or require you to pre-register to be considered.

Some key points to remember:

  • Your class schedule grid is available through the first week of the fall and spring terms.
  • If you completed online registration before schedules were generated (fall only), your schedule will only show the classes that you are registered for.
  • Some common combinations of classes may have matching or overlapping schedules. In these cases, departments will manage the logistics to prevent conflicts.
  • You can see a list of the lectures and recitations for any class in the Subject Listing & Schedule.

How to read your schedule

  • Dropped subjects are removed from your schedule grid.
  • Added subjects only appear on your list of registered subjects. They do not appear in your schedule grid.
  • If the CI-H or CI-HW subject that you requested is not on your class schedule grid, the algorithm did not assign you to that subject.
  • If there is a conflict between subjects, it means our algorithm could not find a conflict-free schedule for the combination you selected, and no sections were assigned.

What you need to do

  • View your schedule grid.
  • If your schedule grid is based on pre-registration selections, you must meet with your advisor, discuss plans, and submit your registration.

Register for subjects.

  • Contact the department or instructor if you have questions about specific subjects.
  • We encourage you to drop any classes you do not plan to take — including those that do not appear on your schedule grid — as soon as possible.
  • Use the Subject Listing to research any potential adjustments to your schedule.
  • Visit WebSIS after schedules have been run to add yourself to waitlists for CI-H/HW and other limited-enrollment subjects.
  • For conflicts with HASS classes — we recommend adjusting the conflicting class with an alternative lecture or recitation section, if possible. Otherwise, you will need to choose between the two subjects.
  • After the first week of term, verify the subjects you are registered for by reviewing your Registration Status on WebSIS.

Section changes

If you want to switch sections or choose a section for a subject, you should go to the class and speak with the instructor. To change or add a recitation or lecture section for a science core GIR, follow these instructions.



Starting when?


See subject website on Canvas; after the first week of classes, email course administrator.

Monday, January 29

5.111, 5.12

See subject website on Canvas.

Tuesday, February 6

6.100A, 6.100L, 6.1200 See subject website on Canvas. Monday, February 5
7.014, 7.016

After first class lecture, see subject website on Canvas.

Monday, February 5
8.011, 8.02, 8.022 See subject website on Canvas. Monday, February 5
14.01, 14.02

See subject website on Canvas; contact TA after first class meeting.

Monday, February 5
18.01, 18.02, 18.03, 18.032, 18.06 See subject website on Canvas Monday, January 29