What you need to know

First-year undergraduate students who enter MIT in Fall 2020 and beyond may designate up to 48 units to be graded on a Pass/No Record (P/NR) basis after their first term, and at any time during their course of study, as part of the Flexible P/NR Option. All other first-year grading policies remain in effect.

Some key points to remember:

  • A grade of P signifies C- or better performance. A grade of D or F is reflected as DN or FN and you earn no credit for those subjects.
  • DN or FN grades do appear on your internal WebSIS grade report, but are not included on your transcript.
  • Any subject is eligible for Flexible P/NR designation including those which fulfill General Institute or departmental Requirements.
  • Grades earned from Advanced Standing Examinations are not eligible for Flexible P/NR designation.
  • Petitions for late designation or converting back to regular grades will not be permitted under normal circumstances.

What you need to do

  • Complete the subject and review your grade. If you would like to keep this grade, no action is needed.
  • To use your Flexible P/NR option, you must designate the subject(s) after final grades are submitted and before Add Date of your next enrolled regular term through our Add/Drop application.
  • After designation, earned letter grades of A, B, and C will be converted to a grade of P, and grades of D and F will be converted to DN or FN.