What you need to know

Your MIT transcript is your official academic record. It lists all the subjects you have completed, as well as credit units, grades, your GPA, and any degrees you have received from MIT. To obtain a copy of your transcript, you will need to place an order with our provider, Parchment.

Some key points to remember:

  • Transcripts with summer term grades are available starting on Friday, August 30.
  • Transcripts with September degrees are available on Friday, September 20.
  • Cross-registered students — keep in mind that schools’ schedules vary, and your grades may not be received and posted to your record within the same timeframe as MIT’s.


Holds typically occur when you attempt to place an order without entering your MIT ID number. Other common issues include recipients not receiving electronic transcripts due to firewall restrictions or not viewing transcripts with the Adobe Reader software.

Contact Us

For questions regarding the authenticity of a transcript from MIT or for assistance ordering a transcript, email records@mit.edu or call (617) 258-6409.