Spring campus access: Cross-registered students must be cleared through Covid Pass to enter MIT buildings. Please complete the updated steps below.

What you need to know

Harvard University students can take classes at MIT during the fall and spring terms. Students from Harvard Extension or Summer Schools are not eligible. Additionally, Harvard students may not cross-register for MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

All cross-registered students must be added to Covid Pass by providing proof of their Covid-19 vaccination, Covid-19 booster, and flu shot, and take part in MIT’s attestation and testing protocols. Those who fail to comply will not be able to access campus, will not be able to attend classes, and will have their cross-registration cancelled.

Some key points to remember:

  • If you were in Covid Pass this fall, you will need to complete the updated requirements in order to attend classes on campus during the spring term.
  • Each school has its own rules and deadlines. You must meet the earlier of the two cross-registration and Add/Drop deadlines — MIT’s or Harvard’s.
  • We do not recommend cross-registering for an MIT class in your graduating term if your graduation depends on that class. MIT’s term finishes later than Harvard’s and grades for MIT classes may not be available before degree decisions are made.
  • Taking MIT subjects on a pass/fail basis is open to undergraduates only, and only with the permission of the Harvard Registrar’s Office.
  • MIT uses plus and minus grade modifiers for internal purposes only. They are not reported to the Harvard Registrar’s Office.

What you need to do

  • Review dates and deadlines on the MIT and Harvard Academic Calendars. Remember, you must meet the earlier of the two deadlines for cross-registration and any subsequent add or drop.
  • Find class descriptions, meeting times, and locations for MIT subjects in the Subject Listing & Schedule.
  • Follow Harvard's instructions to create and submit an online cross-registration petition.
  • After your cross-registration petition is approved, you will receive an email with your Kerberos username and MIT ID number.
  • Install MIT certificates on your browser.
  • Get added to Covid Pass by visiting covidapps.mit.edu, downloading the Covid Pass app, and following the on-screen instructions to upload your proof of Covid-19 vaccination and booster shot, and flu shot.
  • Once you have access to campus, go to MIT Card Services in Room E17-106 to obtain an ID card. You will need this card to enter MIT buildings.
  • Ongoing access will be dependent on following the attestation and testing protocols in the Covid Pass app. Note that testing from your home institution does not exempt you from testing at MIT.
  • Email covidapps-help@mit.edu with questions or technical issues.
  • Add your emergency contact information to your personal record in WebSIS.
  • If you wish to drop your MIT subject, you will need to follow Harvard’s procedures. Harvard will notify us of the drop.