What you need to know

Prerequisite reports help you identify students who are missing pre- or corequisites for a subject. Some instructors use the reports to request meetings with students to discuss their background, and others simply ask students to drop the subject because they are not prepared. The reports are requested and disseminated by academic administrators and viewable on WebSIS by the primary instructor for the subject.

Some key points to remember:

  • Prerequisite reports are term-specific and only available for the upcoming term.
  • Although previous terms’ reports are available in WebSIS, they are not kept up-to-date. You must request a new prerequisite report each term for accurate, current information.
  • Reports are based on the most current prerequisites approved for publication in the catalog.

What you need to do

  • Instructors — let your academic administrator know which prerequisite reports you need.
  • Academic administrators — you will receive an email notice from the Registrar’s Office approximately eight weeks before the start of each term, and you will have three weeks to respond and request prerequisite reports.
  • For special subjects, note which prerequisites are to be checked. Special subjects do not list prerequisites in the catalog.
  • Academic administrators — you will be notified by email when your reports are ready to view on WebSIS, approximately three weeks before the start of the term. You will need to inform the primary instructor.
  • Contact catalog-help@mit.edu with questions.

Accessing prerequisite reports on WebSIS

  • Go to WebSIS.
  • Click on "For Instructors and Departmental Administrators."
  • Click on "Class Lists and Reports."
  • Click on "Prerequisite Reports."
  • Select the appropriate term and subject to download your report.