What you need to know

Prerequisite reports help you identify students who are missing pre- or co-requisites for a subject. Some instructors use the reports to request meetings with students to discuss their background, and others simply ask students to drop the subject because they are not prepared. The reports are viewable on WebSIS by the instructor of the subject.

Some key points to remember:

  • Prerequisite reports are term-specific and only available for the upcoming term.
  • Reports are based on the most current prerequisites approved for publication in the catalog.
  • Text-based requisites (such as "permission of instructor") cannot be measured by the system and are not included in reports.
  • Students enrolled in subjects that share a scheduling relationship ("meets-with") are included in the report for the subject for which they are registered. If a subject is part of a scheduling relationship, the header of its report will include links to reports for the other subjects in the group.

What you need to do

  • In WebSIS, click on either "Registered Student Class Lists" or "Pre-registration Class Lists" on the Class Lists and Reports page.
  • Generate your class list.
  • When a subject has requisites that can be assessed, the class list has a button near the top of the page labeled "Prerequisite Report." Click on this button to generate your report.


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