What you need to know

Our Enrollment Tools application helps department administrators and instructors manage their limited-enrollment subjects.

All CI-H/HW subjects are limited-enrollment by default. The application optimizes students’ subject choices within priority groups set by the Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR), and creates waitlists for all CI-H/HW subjects.

Departments can also choose to limit enrollment in other subjects for pedagogical or logistical reasons. These subjects can be managed through the application using pre-registration class lists and/or waitlists.

Key dates & deadlines: Spring 2022

November 30

Deadline to designate limited-enrollment subjects

December 1

Pre-registration opens

December 1

Administrators can access planning reports for CI-H/HWs

December 1

Students can make CI-H/HW subject selections
December 1 Administrators and instructors of limited-enrollment subjects can manage pre-registration class lists and view waitlists

January 13

CI-H/HW selection deadline for continuing students

January 13 Pre-registration closes

January 14

Students can add or remove themselves from CI-H/HW waitlists

January 20 Student schedules are published
January 20 CI-H/HW instructors can view pre-registration class lists
January 24 Registration opens
January 24 Instructors of limited-enrollment subjects may begin offering class spots to waitlisted students
January 24 Students can add or remove themselves from limited-enrollment waitlists

January 31

First day of classes

February 1

CI-H/HW instructors may begin offering class spots to waitlisted students

March 4 Add Date
March 4 Waitlists closed