What you need to know

If you have two or more finals scheduled during the same period, a conflict examination will be scheduled for you. If you would like to reschedule an exam because of travel plans, you must speak directly with your instructor(s) to make arrangements. Please note that instructors are not obliged to accommodate these requests.

Some key points to remember:

  • If you have conflicts, we will contact you directly via email. It is not necessary for you to request a conflict exam.
  • The conflict exam schedule is announced after Drop Date and accessible only to students with conflicts.

What you need to do

  • Complete all adds, drops, or changes to your registration as soon as possible before Add Date so that it reflects your most up-to-date subject enrollment.
  • Verify the time and date of your exams using the final exam schedule.
  • After Add Date, we will contact you by email to verify exam conflicts, and you will be assigned a conflict exam after Drop Date.
  • Cross-registered students — if you have a conflict between an MIT final and one at another school, contact your MIT instructor to resolve it.
  • Email schedules@mit.edu or call (617) 253-4788 with questions.