What you need to know

First-year students who enter MIT in Fall 2018 may designate up to three science core General Institute Requirements (GIRs) to be graded on a Pass/No Record (P/NR) basis after their first term as part of the CUP’s Experimental Grading Policy. Other regular MIT policies ­— including first-year grading, ASE grading, and early sophomore standing — remain in effect.

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Fall 2018 and IAP 2019

  • You will receive a grade of Pass or No Record in all subjects.
    • P (passing) indicates a C- or better performance and will appear on both your grade report and transcript.
    • No Record (NR) indicates a D or F and does not appear on your transcript. You will earn no credit for science core subjects receiving a No Record grade and will need to repeat the class.
  • Instructors still submit standard letter grades to the Registrar’s Office. These “hidden” grades, which are available on WebSIS, are used for advising purposes only.

Spring 2019

  • After your first semester, you may designate up to three science core GIRs to be graded as P/NR. Do this when you register or by Add Date, using the normal Add/Drop form and process.
  • All other subjects are graded on an A, B, C, or No Record basis. Subjects with a grade of A, B, or C appear on both your grade report and transcript.
  • Subjects with a grade of D, F, O, or OX are only reported internally.

After your first year

  • You may continue to designate science core GIRs as P/NR until you reach the limit of three beyond your first semester.
  • Upper-level students who earn a grade of NR in a science core GIR they have designated to be graded P/NR may retake it as many times as needed to pass on P/NR without using up an additional P/NR opportunity.
  • Upper-level students who receive a hidden grade of D in their science core GIR taken under P/NR may choose to switch to regular grading by Registration Day of their next semester at MIT. Final-term seniors must make this request prior to the Committee on Academic Performance’s SB degree candidates meeting. Under regular grades:
    • The D is passing, and the grade will be reflected on your transcript and calculated in your GPA.
    • This will still count against your limit of three subjects designated as P/NR beyond the first semester.