Computing Infrastructure and Basic Support for Open Physics Data Analysis in Junior Lab (8.13/8.14)

Principal Investigator
Prof. Christoph Paus, Physics;
Dr. Chad Freer, Nuclear Science and Engineering
Fund: d'Arbeloff Fund
Funding Period: AY2023
Department/Lab/Center: Physics
Educational Initiative: GIRs

We propose a significant expansion of the existing open data projects in Junior Lab (8.13/8.14). At present the open data projects in Junior Lab are very popular but they are limited by the fact that they have limited support and do not provide dedicated computing resources. Instead of installing software on a laptop and downloading a very limited amount of data for analysis we propose that students can login to dedicated hardware, for storage and computing to substantially expand the scope of the open data analyses. This hardware would be seamlessly integrated into the basic research computing setup the Physics Department provides. The setup including detailed documentation and support would allow the students to reduce the set up time and instead spend more time on the data analysis. Real world computing including, modern tools like Python, Jupyter notebooks, batch submission and various machine learning packages will be provided.