Development and implementation of a critical thinking-based water purification laboratory in an undergraduate lab course

Principal Investigator
Prof. Ariel L. Furst, Chemical Engineering;
Dr. Sarah Hewett, Chemistry
Fund: d'Arbeloff Fund
Funding Period: AY2023
Department/Lab/Center: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
Educational Initiative: GIRs

The chemistry lab course 5.310 is designed for non-chemistry majors and is mandatory for chemical engineers, and students from across all majors; students take the class to fulfill institute or preprofessional requirements. The course is currently undergoing redevelopment to move from conventional laboratory exercises to an active learning environment designed to improve students’ critical thinking skills in the laboratory, connect experiments in the lab to real-world problems, and improve students’ scientific communication skills. The proposed project is an expansion of one of the laboratory modules in the course centered on water quality to incorporate design, development, and testing of water purification systems.