Development of a new subject “1.XYZJ Advancing Mechanics and Materials via Machine Learning”

Principal Investigator
Prof. Markus Buehler, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fund: Alumni Class Funds
Funding Period: AY2023
Department/Lab/Center: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Computational modeling has been instrumental in advancing solid mechanics, ever since the introduction of the finite element method in the 1960s. In the 2000s, the introduction of atomistic modeling into mechanics has added a new component to provide “ab initio” predictions to the mechanical behavior of materials via multiscale methods. Since the emergence of machine learning (ML) and especially deep learning, mechanics is primed for yet another revolution in which forward and inverse mechanics problems can be approached from a different, complementary perspective. This course will develop a joint UG and G subject to educate students in this new and exciting field. Featuring lab-style interactive teaching it is anticipated that this subject will draw students from across the SOE.