What you need to know

In April 2019, the faculty approved a series of changes to the Academic Calendar, ranging from the spring final exam schedule and the Patriots’ Day holiday to grade deadlines and the number of spring class days.

Key dates

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the nuances of the new Academic Calendar by reviewing our helpful list of dates below. When appropriate, we have noted the differences between the current calendar and that of Spring 2019.

Friday, January 31

Spring Registration Day is on the last day of IAP, not the following Monday.

Monday, February 3

The first day of spring classes is a Monday, not a Tuesday.

Monday, April 20

The Patriots’ Day student holiday is one day, not two days.

Tuesday, April 21

Drop Date is on a Tuesday instead of a Thursday. Note that this is the day after Patriots’ Day.

Tuesday, May 12

The last day of classes is two days earlier — Tuesday, not Thursday.

Wednesday, May 13 – Thursday, May 14 & Saturday, May 16 – Sunday, May 17

The reading period is now four days, instead of three. It begins after the last day of classes and continues after Friday’s final exams.

Friday, May 15 & Monday, May 18 – Wednesday, May 20

The final exam period is four days, not five. It begins on a Friday, then continues Monday through Wednesday of the following week.

Friday, May 15

The grade deadline for subjects without final exams is three days after the last day of classes, not five.

Friday, May 22

The grade deadline for subjects with finals is 1.5 days after final exams end, not four. Note that this is the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 27

CAP and GAP degree meetings occur two days before Commencement, not four.

Friday, May 29

Commencement exercises are one week earlier.

Spring class days

Although the total number of spring class days remains the same as last year, the above adjustments to the Academic Calendar have resulted in the following changes:

  • There is one more Monday and Tuesday than last spring.
  • There is one fewer Wednesday and Thursday than last spring.
  • In H3, there is one more Monday, resulting in 34 days instead of last year’s 33.
  • In H4, there is one more Tuesday, and one fewer Wednesday and Thursday, resulting in 31 days instead of last year’s 32.


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