What you need to know

Alternate grading was in place for Spring 2020. Review the Emergency Academic Regulations  and the March 31 guidance on alternate grades from the Academic Policy and Regulations Team (APART).

Spring 2020 grading guide

H3 subjects

  • H3 subjects can be graded with standard grades or alternate grades, but the option you choose must be used for all students in your class.
  • From the displayed list in OGS — A, B, C, D, F, PE, NE, IE, and O — choose either A, B, C, D, F, I, or O for all students or PE, NE, IE, or O for all students.

Full-term and H4 subjects

  • The majority of subjects this term will be graded using alternate grades.
  • For these subjects, you will be able to select PE, NE, IE, or O from the displayed list in OGS.

SB and master’s theses

  • You will be able to select PE, NE, J, or U for each student.
  • SB and master’s theses that are not complete this term should receive a J or U grade.
  • SB and master’s theses that are completed in the spring 2020 term should be assigned a final grade using alternate grades (PE or NE). For these students, thesis registration in prior terms will also reflect these final alternate grades (i.e. J/PE or J/NE).

doctoral theses

  • Doctoral (PhD and ScD) thesis grading options have not changed from previous terms. In OGS, you will be able to choose from J, U, and SA.


  • Outstanding work from a prior semester that is completed this semester should be assigned a letter grade.
  • Note that IE grades given during spring 2020 will be reflected on the student’s record as IE/PE or IE/NE when completed.
  • Undergraduates who receive an IE this term will be eligible to graduate. However, incompletes from previous terms must be resolved in order to graduate.
  • Graduate students can graduate with unresolved I or IE grades.

Key dates and deadlines

  • Monday, May 4: Grading period opens.
  • Friday, May 15: Grades due for subjects without final exams.
  • Friday, May 22: Grades due for subjects with final exams.


Download the Spring 2020 Academic Continuity FAQs or email registrar-www@mit.edu.