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Dr. John Akula, Sloan School of Management; Mr. Louis Rodriques, Sloan School of Management Sloan School of Management Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Rafael Jaramillo, Materials Science and Engineering; Dr. Akshay Singh, Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Eric Demaine, Electical Engineering and Computer Science Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Azra Aksamija, Architecture; Ms. Melina Philippou, Architecture Architecture Alumni Class Funds
Dr. Tony Kulesa, Biological Engineering; Mr. Steve Wasserman, Biological Engineering; Dr. Maxine Jonas, Biological Engineering; Dr. Ritu Raman, Biological Engineering Biological Engineering Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Bradley Pentelute, Chemistry Chemistry Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Stephanie Frampton, Literature Section Literature Alumni Class Funds
Dr. Kurt Fendt, Comparative Media Studies/Writing;
Dr. Wyn Kelley, Literature Section; Dr. Suzanne Lane, Comparative Media Studies/Writing
Comparative Media Studies/Writing Alumni Class Funds
Dr. Kyle Keane, Materials Science and Engineering; Prof. Pawan Sinha, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Materials Science and Engineering Alumni Class Funds
Dr. Theresa Wasylenko, Biology; Prof. Adam Martin, Biology; Dr. Mary Ellen Wiltrout, Biology Biology Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Douglas Hart, Mechanical Engineering; Mr. Peter Godart, Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Alumni Class Funds
Ms. A.C. Kemp, Global Studies and Languages Global Languages Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Adam Berinsky, Political Science Political Science Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Mingda Li, Nuclear Science and Engineering Nuclear Science & Engineering Alumni Class Funds
Prof. Desiree Plata, Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Class Funds